Optica™: 3D Motion Graphics

Labeling, product packaging, and displays have changed forever. Imagine a 3D motion graphics label that shifts from one photo to another as a customer passes by. For example, salad packaging could show a close-up image of the ingredients, as well as a photo of the final assembled salad, on one label. Such innovative design graphics are noticed and bring more attention to your product. This effect can be used to enhance labeling for everything from cereal boxes and package adhesive labels, to retail displays, and more.

Introducing Optica™ micro optical material that has superior qualities in lenticular printing. This new material is manufactured by a joint venture between GSR Partners and LINDAR. The design and building of the machinery was completed through a collaboration with SML of Austria. The process is maintained and operated by LINDAR  utilizing their advanced manufacturing knowledge in a ISO certified facility.  The new material offers:

  • Superior batch to batch consistency

  • Improved value over conventional lenticular

  • Sheets and rolls available for Offset, Flexo and all Digital formats

  • Support for 3D graphics interlacing, prepress, and printing