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Optica™ lens is a superior lenticular micro optical material consisting of an array of lenses, designed so when viewed from slightly different angles, different images are magnified. Optica™ material supports 3D motion graphics printing for labels, packaging, and displays.

Optica™ lens material is autostereoscopic, which means it produces 3D and Motion Graphics without special glasses. A specially prepared interlaced image is printed directly on the Optica™ lens to create the 3D Motion label, packaging, or display.
  • Optica™ lens material offers the printer better dimensional stability and batch-to-batch optical consistency.
  • Reduced waste and reprints. Saves money!
  • Thin-gauge material of 14 mil and under reduces material usage and costs while still offering 
dynamic printed effects.
  • Optica™ lens material is also green-qualified to comply with in-house, sustainablity 
Optica™ micro optical material supports 3D motion graphics printing for labels, packaging, and displays. Labeling, product packaging, and displays have changed forever. Imagine a 3D motion graphics label that shifts from one photo to another as a customer passes by. For example, salad packaging could show a close-up image of the ingredients, as well as a photo of the final assembled salad, on one label. 
Such innovative design graphics are noticed and bring more attention to your product. This effect can be used to enhance labeling for everything from cereal boxes to retail displays and more.
LINDAR/Jade Photech are fully hands-on with every motion graphics printing project from beginning to end. This allows us to complete the entire process in making a 3D Motion graphics label, package, or display. Please see our 3D Motion Art Requirements (.pdf) for more information and guidance on preparing art for printing on Optica™ micro optical material.